The operation of RFID systems is simple and is based on the dynamic and two-way communication between the cards and the readers. When the RFID cards are within the range of the reader's antenna, the control unit communicates with radio waves with the RFID card antenna.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

It is the technology that allows automatic recognition of objects. It is based on the storage and wireless retrieval of data via tiny devices, called RFID tags or transporders.

RFID - Bar Code differences

The bar code function requires visual contact between the two.Instead, RDID tags can be read from a distance as long as they are in the reader's coverage area (RFID reader).

The wireless RFID Cards

The wireless cards (rfid cards) are divided into different categories according to their frequency and communication protocol as well as their memory capacity and the level of security they provide.

RFID Cards. Appearance

Anything can be printed on the surface.

They can be used in hospitals, entertainment centers, prisons, recreation areas, etc.

General characteristics

The RFID card is of a certain size (equal to a bank card) and complies with the international ISO standards 7810. The material from which it is made is durable plastic of various technologies, such as: PVC varnish or laminated - PVC for PET or ABS. This ensures its durability in everyday use as it is waterproof, it is not destroyed and retains its original form.

Useful in many applications

With Radio Frequency Identification Cards (RFID), the word restraint ceases to concern your business or your customers!

By integrating an IC module as well as a hidden internal antenna, the RFID card houses an integrated circuit that stores information, sends signals and identifies products.

Ideal for: Hotels - Transportation - Access Cards - Tickets - Club Cards - Health Cards - Parking Cards - Gift Cards.

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About Us

The Company Barrow International was founded in 1998 with main subject of business cards.

Aiming at full customer service, has developed design departments, editing and printing of cards, applying the most modern methods in all stages.

With continuous upward trend over the years has served hundreds of companies offering products distinguished for taste and quality. Having as a principle of the utmost satisfaction of its clients, Barrow International, always in line with the latest trends in the design and manufacture of business cards, developing a wide range of products.

In recent years, with the introduction of modern processing and production methods, the Barrow International is pleased to offer its customers high quality plastic cards, made of extremely durable materials such as PVC, PET, ABC, PC etc.

Targeting the future, the company continuously investigates market trends, but also the evolution of modern printing and processing methods, so that it is constantly at the forefront of the market for business cards, offering customers products perfect aesthetically and technically.


High quality

Plastic high quality cards manufactured according to the strictest international standards.


Cards full color on both sides. Also cards golden (golden cards) and silver (silver cards) suitable for VIP CARDS.

The customer need our priority

With manufacturing flexibility we are able to serve our customers in very small quantities cards, while the delivery is made within days of the order being placed.

International standards

Plastic cards manufactured by our company comply with the international ISO 7810. Standard dimensions of each card is specific, like bank cards, 86 x 54 mm. And a thickness of 0.76 m.


The Plastic Card Production

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